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Southtowne Shopping


The heart of a city is its shopping and all the extras.  Du Quoin offers a variety of shopping options, from food, home improvements, clothing, car needs, restaurants, health clubs, & family entertainment all within the city limits.

You can get it all right here ---

Want to - re-decorate the inside     We got it

Want to - Landscape the outside (yourself or nursery)     We got it

Want to - re-decorate the outside of the house           We got it

Want to - buy a car, clean a car, sell a car & buy a truck    We got it

Want to - get back in shape, tone up that figure,        We got it                 Skate Zone

Want to - Roller Skate?           We got it

  ( under new ownership and making

 improvements ) New owner is a National World Class competetor.  Did you know roller skating is a great cardiovasculer workout? Check it out.



Want to - be on the swim team           We got it                      

Want to - play baseball (little league)   We got it

Want to - go to the movies          We got it                       


 Grand Theater










Du Quoin Tourism Commission

Email: duquointourism@yahoo.com